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Application Process

How to Apply

  • Visit our application site, and create an account in order to make an online application.Online receptionist
  • Each cycle, up to two applications are allowed per individual across all categories. 

Required Documents

  • Sample Translation
  • Twenty A4 pages for prose (from the beginning of the book excluding the preface and/or introduction)
  • Twenty-five lines per page(double-spaced): Font size 11on Hangul HWP, font size 12 on MS Word
  • A poetry sample must include the first ten poems of the collection.
  • Personal information such as the applicant's name or affiliation must not be included in the sample translation manuscript.

Deadline & Announcement

Deadline & Announcement
CycleDeadlineResult Announcement
FirstDec 30End of Feb the next year
SecondJun 30End of Aug

​​※ Applications closeat 24:00 Korean Standard Time.

Evaluation Overview

  • All translation samples are judged anonymously.
  • Impartial evaluators are appointed to ensuremerit-based results.
  • First and second evaluators will not share their evaluations with each other and each stage of the evaluation is conducted independently.

Evaluation Process


  • All submitted applications
  • The applications will be checked by our internal and external evaluators against the following criteria: any missing documents, status of overseas publication rights, suitability and marketability of the chosen title.

First Evaluation Foreign Evaluators

  • For applications that passed pre-evaluation
  • Criteria : Proficiency and read ability of translation
  • Evaluators : Editors and other publishing specialists from the Target Language's market

Second Evaluation Domestic Evaluators

  • For applications that passed the first evaluation
  • Criteria : Understanding of the Source text and aptness of expressions
  • Evaluators : Professors and other experts specialising in the Target Language's contemporary literature

Final Evaluation

  • For applications that passed the second evaluation
  • Criteria : Overall completeness of the translation based on the point and comments given by the first and second evaluators
  • Evaluators : Second evaluators and scholars of Korean literature


  • The final announcement will be posted online.

Evaluation Criteria

The selection committee will consider the translator’s comprehension of the original work as well as the accuracy, readability and marketability of the translation manuscript.

Apply Online

in Charge

  • Chun, Wan Translation& Publication Team


    Tel. +82-(0)2-6919-7733