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​​For the purpose of promoting overseas introduction of Korean works selected by professional translators, LTI Korea supports sample translation of Korean literary works previously unpublished outside of Korea, as well as complete translation and publication by overseas publishers. In addition, LTI Korea provides opportunities for early-career translators to take on new projects.

Target of Support

Translator Eligibility

  • Translators from Korea and abroad who wish to translate Korean literature
  • Current grant holders must submit the completed translation manuscript accompanied by a completion report and a publication proposal before making a new application.

Target Works

  • Korean literature (excluding children’s picture books)

    ※ LTI Korea only accepts translations of books that are originally written in Korean and have been published and distributed in Korea(excluding collections of literary prize winning works)

    ※ Works subject to management by Korean and overseas agencies are excluded. Please check with the relevant agency, and apply for Translation and Publication Grants for Overseas Publishers.

    List of authors / works represented by literary agencies

Target Languages

  • All foreign languages (Korean ⇒ target languages)

    List of LTI Korea translation grant recipients and translated languages

    ※ Please note that works not included in the “List of LTI Korea translation grant recipients and translated languages” may still be ineligible if the relevant language rights have been sold or if a translation manuscript already exists in the relevant language.

Grant Details

  • Amount of Grant: 4 million KRW (paid in two instalments)
  • Translation Period: Six months (with an optional three-month extension)

※ However, if the original title issignificantly short, the funding amount may be adjusted accordingly.


  • LTI Korea does not return application copies. Any application received after the deadline will be automatically submitted for thenext semester.
  • Previous grant holders must complete their current projectbefore making a new application.
  • Translators may re-apply with the same work up to three times.
  • LTI Korea does not support second-hand translation.

    e.g.) Translations of the Englishedition of Please Look After Mom into other languages

  • Applications for co-translated or professionally edited texts made in a single translator’s name will not be accepted.
  • Applications for translations that have received funding fromother institutions or organizations or have been under taken as partof any of LTI Korea’s projects will not be accepted.

    For example, texts translated in any of the Translation Academy classes, mentoring programs, or the Overseas Translation Workshop program, etc.

  • Recipients of the translation grant are required to cooperate with LTI Korea regarding matters of publication after completing their translations.
  • A general review will be posted on LTI Korea’s website when the results are announced. However, details of the evaluations will not be disclosed.
  • If any information included in the application is found to be false or a significant reason for disqualification is subsequently discovered, the grant will be cancelled and steps will be taken to recover the grant money from the applicant.

Post-selection Procedures

  • The selected applicants will sign a Memorandum of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the translation grant.
  • In consultation with the author and/or the copyright holder of the original work, LTI Korea and the translator agree upon the additional page to translate.
  • The selected applicant will have six months to finish sampletranslation with an option of a three-month extension upon prior request.
  • The total length of the translation sample should be 80 A4 pages or 30 poems. In other words, the selected applicant shall translate 60 additional pages to 20 pages that have already been submitted, or 20 additional poems to 10 poems that have already been submitted.
  • The translation grant(about 4 million KRW) will be paid in two installments.
  • Upon submission of the manuscript, it will be evaluated. The translator will receive the second installment of the grant after submitting the revised manuscript that reflects comments from the evaluation.
  • The submitted final manuscript and publication proposal willbe distributed to literary agencies and overseas publishers. Upon signing of the copyright contract and translation contract, LTI Koreawill provide translation grants for the rest of the work.
  • Once the translation is completed and the publisher submits the final manuscript to LTI Korea, the translator or the publisher will receive the translation grant in full.
  • The translation grant excludes the amount previously paid for the sample translation, and is paid in one installment.

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