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LTI Korea’s Privacy Policy

  • Established onSeptember 30, 2011
  • Amended onSeptember 11, 2013
  • Amended onFebruary 1, 2014
  • Amended onApril 29, 2014
  • Amended onSeptember 11, 2015
  • Amended onMay 28, 2016
  • Amended onAugust 4, 2017
  • Amended onDecember 19, 2017
  • Amended onMarch 27, 2018
  • Amended onJune 27, 2019
  • Amended onNovember 4, 2019

Pursuant to Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), LTI Korea has developed the following guidelines for the protection of user privacy and swift handling of complaints in this regard.

ARTICLE 1:  Purpose

① LTI Korea collects the user’s personal information solely for the purposes outlined below. In accordance with Article 18 of PIPA, LTI Korea will seek the user’s approval in case of any changes this Policy.

No.Personal InformationPurposeNotes
1LTI Korea website (including online submissions) personal informationOnline customer service center 1:1 Q&ALTI Korea website
2Dispatching LTI Korea publications (newsletters, etc.)
3Online applications for translation grants, etc.
4MIS personal informationManagement of LTI Korea submission programsMIS website
5LTI Korea Digital Library of Korean Literature personal informationManagement of information of users of Digital Library of Korean Literature services (book order, delivery, newsletter)Digital Library of Korean Literature website
6LTI Korea Library book rental managementLTI Korea Library collection management system
7KLN personal informationDispatching KLN and receiving relevant inquiriesKLN website
8LMS personal informationManagement of users of LMSLMS
9Management of users of exclusive services for students of LTI Korea Academy

ARTICLE 2:  Processing Personal Information, Operational Basis and Retention

① LTI Korea processes the following personal information files.

No.Personal Information fileOperational BasisPurposePersonal Information*Retention Period
1Website 1:1 Q&A
  • Article 13 of Literature Promotion Act
  • Consent of user
Same as Article 1, ①-1-Until deletion of the relevant posting
2Management of subscribers of online newsletterSame as Article 1, ①-2Contact information, password uncollectedUntil unsubscription of newsletter
3Management of members of the online submission programsSame as Article 1, ①-3-Until withdrawal of membership
4Management of users of online submission system for translation grantsSame as Article 1, ①-4Name (in English), Nationality, date of birth, address, affiliation/occupation, education and work experience, awards and achievements, information about co-translatorUntil execution of purpose of membership service(education, work experience, awards and achievements)
5Management of members of Digital Library of Korean LiteratureSame as Article 1, ①-5Nationality, language, membership type, country of resident, purpose of signing upUntil execution of purpose
6Management of members of LTI Korea Library book rental serviceSame as Article 1, ①-6addressUntil execution of purpose
7Managing KLN subscribers and receiving related inquiriesSame as Article 1, ①-7Address, emailUntil deletion request
8Management of users of LMSSame as Article 1, ①-8User ID, date of birth, gender, resident registration number (foreign registration number)Until withdrawal of membership
9LTI Korea Translation Academy student databaseSame as Article 1, ①-9User ID, date of birth, gender, education, work experience, awards and achievements, passport number, visa numberUntil withdrawal of membership
Common personal informationName, email, contact information, password-

※ Passwords and unique identification information are encrypted and stored automatically.

② For further information regarding personal information files, users may visit Ministry of Public Administration and Security’s Personal Information Protection Portal (

ARTICLE 3: Third Party Sharing

① LTI Korea processes personal information only for the purposes outlined in Article 1 above.

② LTI Korea does not utilize or share personal information with a third party beyond the scope notified and consented beforehand. However, exceptions are made in the case of provision of information in accordance with the law, or within the scope ofotherstatutes

③ LTI Korea shares the user’s personal information with third parties as outlined below.

No.Third PartyPurpose of Utilizing Personal InformationPersonal Information ProvidedThird party Retention and Utilization PeriodBasis for Third Party Sharing
1Tax officeConfirmation of payment of scholarship and tuition feeResident registration number (foreign registration number)Utilized until certificate of payment of scholarship and tuition fee is issued. Stored permanentlyConsent of user
2Immigration officeConfirmation and approval of immigration records for foreignersName (in English), passport number, address, contact information, emailUntil termination of foreign registrationConsent of user
3Korean Studies InformationUsing book ordering systemEmailUntil 6 months after execution of purposeConsent of user
4OverdriveE-book serviceEmailUntil 6 months after execution of purposeConsent of user
5ecoEmailUntil execution of purposeConsent of user
6Planty_mDigital magazine serviceEmailConsent of user

ARTICLE 4:  Outsourcing

① LTI Korea outsources the processing of personal information as outlined below.

1JungunivMaintenance and repair work for LMS website 
2HiQDefect repair work for MIS 
3PinnodeMaintenance and repair work for LTI Korea Digital Library website 
4FuturenuriMaintenance and repair work for data management system of LTI Korea Library 
5StibeeNewsletter dispatch service 
6Channel 121Maintenance and repair work for KLN’s website 

② Pursuant to Article 26 of PIPA, when signing a contract with an outsourcing company, LTI Korea prohibits the use of personal information for purposes other than those specified in the contract and the sub-outsourcing of this business to another company.Italsostipulatestechnicalandadministrativesafeguards,supervisionandmonitoringoftheoutsourcingcompany,andresponsibilityforclaimsfordamages,etc.

③ Should there be any changes in the nature of consigned work or the outsourcing company, LTI Korea will reflect the same in this Privacy Policy and disclose that information through its website and newsletter without delay.

ARTICLE 5: Exercising User Rights and Duties

① The user, the user’s legal representative or the person delegated by the user may exercise the user’s rights as specified below.

  • 1Inspect the user’s personal information
  • 2Request correction in case of error
  • 3Request deletion
  • 4Request suspension of processing of personal information.

The user, the user’s legal representative or the person delegated by the user may exercise the user’s rights as specified in Article 5-① in the following ways.

1Make requests to LTI Korea to inspect, correct, delete or suspend handling of personal information

Download and complete the Personal Information Inspection, Correction, Deletion and Suspension of Handling Request Form below, and submit it to LTI Korea.

  • Download and complete the Personal Information Inspection, Correction, Deletion and Suspension of Handling Request Form below, and submit it to LTI Korea.※ The user must submit the Personal Information Inspection, Correction, Deletion and SuspensionofHandlingRequestFormalongwithaformofidentification(residentregistrationcard,residentregistrationcertificate,etc.).
  • The user’s legal representative or the person delegated by the user must submit the power of attorney (written by the user), the Personal Information Inspection, Correction, Deletion and Suspension of Handling Request Form, and a form of identification(residentregistrationcard,residentregistrationcertificate,etc.).

- The user, the user’s legal representative or the person delegated by the user will be notified of the result within 10 days.

※ Contact information:

  • Department: Policy Planning Team
  • Person in charge: Young-seon Yoo
  • Phone: +82 (0)2-6919-7763
2Make requests to Ministry of Public Administration and Security to inspect, correct, delete or suspend handling of personal information

- Visit Personal Information Protection Portal ( and follow appropriate procedures

③ If the user requests error correction or deletion of personal information, LTI Korea does not use or provide the user’s personal information until the correction or deletion has been completed.

ARTICLE 6:  Deletion of Personal Information

① LTI Korea deletes the user’s personal information without delay when it becomes redundant due to expiration of the retention period or execution of purpose.

② LTI Korea transfers the user’s personal information (or personal information file) to a separate database, or stores it in a different location, if the user’s personal information needs to be stored even after expiration of the retention period orexecutionofpurpose.

③ Process and method of deletion of personal information


LTI Korea identifies the user’s personal information (or personal information file) for removal, and sets up a plan for deletion of personal information. LTI Korea deletes the personal information (or personal information file) after seeking the approvalofPrivacyProtectionManager’sapproval.


Personal information stored as electronic files is deleted using Low Level Formatting. Personal information stored in paper format is destroyed by shredding or incineration.


LTI Korea deletes the user’s personal information (or personal information file) within 5 days of the expiry of the retention period or within 5 days of the date when the user’s personal information (or information file) is judged to be redundantduetoexecutionofpurpose,discontinuationofservice,terminationofproject.

ARTICLE 7:  Measures to Ensure Protection of Privacy

① Pursuant to Article 29 of PIPA, LTI Korea takes the following administrative/technical/physical measures to ensure the protection of personal information.

1Internal management plan

LTI Korea establishes and implements an internal management plan to ensure secure handling of personal information.

2Access rights management

LTI Korea monitors and minimizes access rights to personal information by designating staff members who may handle personal information. The details of granting, changing, or withdrawing access to the personal information processing system are recorded,andtherecordsarekeptandmanagedforatleastthreeyears.

3Access control

In order to prevent illegal access through the information and communications network and infringement of personal information, unauthorized access from outside is controlled and restricted by the use of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and the infringementpreventionsystem.

4Encryption of personal information

The user’s unique identification information, password, and biometric data are encrypted when transmitted or stored through the information and communications network. Passwords are saved as one-way passwords.

5Storage and inspection of access records

Records of accessing the personal information processing system are stored and managed for at least 6 months. The access records are checked on a regular basis to prevent forgery, theft and loss.

6Installation of security programs

Security programs are installed and checked regularly to prevent leakage of or damage to the user’s personal information by the means of hacking or computer viruses.

7Physical security measures

LTI Korea controls access to the computer center and data storage center (where personal information is stored), by installing secure locking devices.

ARTICLE 8:  Privacy Policy Manager and Contact Information

① Pursuant to the relevant laws, LTI Korea designates Privacy Protection Manager and staff members in charge of handling personal information and resolving user complaints.

Privacy Protection Manager

  • Name: PARK Kyung-hee
  • Title: Director of Division of Administration and Planning
  • Phone: + 82 (0)2 6919 7790

Information and Technology Team

Information and Technology Team

ARTICLE 9:  Resolving Infringement of Rights and Interests

① The user may direct inquiries or complaints about privacy infringement to the organizations listed below

Personal Information Infringement Report Center (run by Korea Internet & Security Agency)

  • The Personal Information Infringement Report Center investigates complaints about infringement of personal information.
  • Website
  • Phone : 118
  • Address : 3rd Floor, Jinheung-gil 9, Naju, South Jeolla Province

Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee

  • Civil settlement of personal information disputes
  • Website
  • Phone : 1833-6972
  • Address : 4th Floor, Sejong-daero 209, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postcode: 03171)

Cybercrime Investigation Department of Supreme Prosecutors’ Office: 1301, (

National Police Agency Cyber Bureau: 182 (

ARTICLE 10:  Installation, Management and Rejection of Cookies

① The purpose

LTI Korea uses cookies, which partially store the user’s personal information, for the purpose of identifying the user and providing personalized services. The service provider transfers small files of information to the user’s hard drive.

② Users have the option of installing, operating or blocking cookies. Therefore, users may change the browser setting to allow all cookies, go through a confirmation process each time or block cookies. The cookies used by LTI Korea’s website store minimumpersonalinformationrequiredforuseridentification.Usersmustallowthecookiesto be stored on their hard drives to be able to use LTI Korea’s services properly.

- Follow the instruction below to either allow or block cookies:

go to [Tools] → [Internet Option] → [Privacy] → [Internet Setting] to either allow or block cookies.


LTI Korea operates CCTVs as follows

① Purpose and Basis of CCTV Installation

Pursuant to Article 25-1 of PIPA, LTI Korea installs and operates CCTVs for the following purposes.

  • Security (resource theft, facility safety) and fire prevention
  • Prevention of crimes for customer safety

② Number of CCTVs and Locations

Number of CCTVsLocationsNotes
2lobby, car park entranceSame as before

③ Chief Manager and Access Authorized Person

귀하의 영상정보를 보호하고 개인영상정보와 관련한 불만을 처리하기 위하여 아래와 같이 개인영상정보 보호책임자를 두고 있습니다.

PositionNameTitleTeamPhone number
Chief managerPARK Kyung-heeDirectorAdministration Team02-6919-7790
Access Authorized personYIM JiwonManagerAdministration Team02-6919-7770

④ Recording time, storage period, storage locations and processing method

Recording TimeStorage PeriodStorage Location
24 hours a day30 days from the time of recordingLTI Korea Mechanical Room
Locked storage spaces in the office

- Processing method : LTI Korea records and manages requests to use for purposes other than those specified above, share with a third party, delete or view CCTV data, and permanently deletes the records after the expiration of the storage period (printedmaterialsaretobeshreddedorincinerated).

⑤ Checking CCTV data

Users may check CCTV data by contacting the person in charge and visiting LTI Korea.

⑥ Request to View CCTV Data

You may make requests to the system administrator of CCTVs, should you wish to view, check or delete your personal information at any time. However, your requests can only be limited to your personal information or CCTV data required for the benefitofyourlife,bodyandproperty.LTIKoreatakesallnecessarymeasures without delay upon receiving a request to view, check or delete CCTV data.

⑦ Measures to Ensure Safety of CCTVs

LTI Korea’s CCTV date is encrypted to ensure safe management. In addition, LTI Korea provides different levels of access to personal information as an administrative measure aimed at the protection of CCTV records of personal information. LTI Korearecordsandmanagesthefollowingdatatopreventforgeryandalterationof CCTV records of personal information: date and time of creation, purpose of viewing, date and time of viewing, and name of viewer. Locks are installed for safe physical storageof CCTVrecordsofpersonalinformation.

⑧ Changes in Privacy Policy

This CCTV Operation and Management Policy was enacted on April 30, 2019. Any additions/deletions made in accordance with changes in law, policy or security technology will be disclosed on LTI Korea’s website at least 7 days before enactment.

- Date of announcement: April 30, 2019 / Date of enforcement: April 30, 2019

ARTICLE 12:  Changes in Privacy Policy

① This Privacy Policy comes into effect on November 4, 2019.

② Please see below for previous Privacy Policy.