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Publication Grants for Translations Funded by LTI Korea

Applicant Eligibility

신청 자격

Applicant Eligibility

Overseas publishers that have acquired rights for works that have previously received LTI Korea’s translation grant and are planning to publish themBOOK PROPOSALS

Appilcation Process


Application Deadline

Applications are accepted all year round.


Required Documents

    1. Grant Application Form Download
    2. Translator Information Form Download
    3. Publication contract between the publisher and the Korean copyright holder
    4. Translation contract between the publisher and the translator
    ※ Please review the application materials – including the Grant Application Form and the Translator Information Form – before applying.
 제출 방법

How to Apply

  • Please email the application to the person in charge of each target language.

※ The applicant must sign the copyright contract with the right-holder of the work prior to submitting the application form to LTI Korea’s program.

Post-selection Procedures

  • LTI Korea and the selected overseas publisher will sign a Memorandum of Agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the translation and publication grants.
  • Upon signing the MoA, LTI Korea pays the first half of the translation grant to the publisher or translator.
    • The translation grant excludes the amount previously paid for the sample translation, and is paid in two installations.
  • Once the translation is completed and the publisher submits the final manuscript to LTI Korea, the translator or the publisher will receive the second half of the translation grant. At this point, the publisher will receive the first installment ofthepublicationgrant.
  • Once the book is published and complimentary copies are submitted to LTI Korea, the publisher will receive the remainder of the publication grant.
    • The date of payment and number of installments can be readjusted through negotiation.
    • The number of complimentary copies can be readjusted considering book types, illustrations, and status of the publisher or publishing market.


  • Application documents will not be returned
  • Grantees that have applied after March 2019 will receive their grants in Korean Won.
  • Overseas publishers that receive publication grant must specify LTI Korea’s support on the book’s copyright page.
  • Overseas publishers that have received publication grant should cooperate with LTI Korea in post-publication procedures, such as reporting annual book sales.

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