LTI Korea Translation Award


  • For the purpose of encouraging professional translators of Korean literature and promoting interest in literary translation around the world, LTI Korea Translation Award recognizes outstanding translations of Korean literary works published in various languages overseas. Since its establishment in 1993, the award was held every two years until 2013, when it became an annual event in accordance with the vitalization of overseas publication of Korean literature.



Selection Method

Translations of Korean literature published overseas are evaluated, and the top three translations are given awards.
※ Please note that the following publications are not eligible:

  • Works by Korean authors not originally written in Korean
  • Literary collections or anthologies co-translated by more than two translators
  • Reprints of prize-winning works
  • Literary works/collections that have been translated via another language


  • Experts in relevant fields from Korea and abroad comprehensively consider the following criteria: understanding of the original work, accuracy and completeness of the translation, overseas reception of the work, the literary value of the original work, and the status of the overseas publisher.


All winners receive the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award, and prize money of 20 million KRW each (three winners, 60 million KRW in total).


List of Past Winners of LTI Korea Translation AwardDownload

in Charge

  • Michelle Yook Translation & Publication Team


    Tel. 02-6919-7735