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Provision of Korean Literature Resources  Visit a Web Sites

In order to expand the base of Korean literature, LTI Korea provides resources for libraries, Korean studies institutes, and international events at home and abroad.

Key Service

Key Programs

  • Book Donation Program (Domestic/International)
  • Exhibitions of Korean Literature in Translation
  • Establishment of Korean Literature Collections

Hub Library Membership Program


  • We donate translated Korean literary titles to Korean studies departments at overseas universities, East Asian studies research institutes, Korean/East Asian studies libraries and public libraries through our Hub Library Membership program.
  • Applications for Hub Library Membership are accepted all year round. Membership is usually granted after an evaluation process.
  • In the first year of membership, a new member will receive a donation of translated Korean literary titles in the selected language (list of titles to be finalized in consultation with LTI Korea).
    Thereafter, an annual donation of new translated Korean literary titles will be provided following a simple confirmation process (such as a survey).

Support for International Events in Korea

국내 개최 국제행사 지원

Since 2014, we have provided book donations for international participants at cultural events or forums held in Korea, thereby expanding cultural exchange and points of contact.

Key Festivals

  • Jeonju International Film Festival
  • Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival
  • Seoul International Women’s Film Festival
  • EBS International Documentary Festival
  • Traveling Korean Arts Plus
  • Asiana International Short Film Festival

Exhibitions of Korean Literature in Translation

한국문학번역서 전시 지원

We provide resources for institutes or festivals wishing to organize exhibitions of Korean literature in translation. In addition to translated Korean literary works, we offer various materials on Korean authors and their works.
Exhibitions of Korean Literature in Translation
2022International Literature Award Winners Exhibition at Namsan Library K-Culture Zone
2019Korean Literature in Translation Exhibition at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)
2018PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games
Literature without Boundaries
2017Eunpyeong History Hanok Museum
Korean Literature in the World
2016Asia Culture Forum: Korean Literature Special Exhibition
Cities: Spaces of Life and Dreams
2015YoungIn Museum of Literature
A New Forest of Language through Translation
2013Seoul Metropolitan Library
Sharing Korean Literature with the World: 120 Years of Korean Literature in Translation


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