Informatization program

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Informatization Program

In tune with the new media environment, LTI Korea’s informatization program reinforces connectivity between different types of content, and oversees all services related to computerization and informatization of the organization.

Informatization Program / Online Application Program / Data Processing Facillities Management / Personal Information Protection and Information Security Management

Key Services

  • Running LTI Korea’s informatization program and network services
  • Establishing an emergency response system against external causes through the cyber security center
  • Responding to external requests with regards to personal information protection and information security
  • Providing staff training with regards to informatization services


  • 2013: Acquired certificate mark for excellence in personal information protection (ePrivacy)

    ※ Enhanced LTI Korea’s public image by complying with the Personal Information Protection Act and increasing credibility with regards to protection of personal information

  • 2017: Acquired certificate mark of excellence for web accessibility

    ※ Ensured accessibility to information provided on LTI Korea’s website for all users under any technical circumstances with no professional skills.

  • 2017: Acquired certificate mark of excellence for “good contents”
  • Provided staff training sessions in informatization

    ※ Aimed at creating reliable contents by running quality certification for LTI Korea’s online content services (mobile application/web, PC web services)

  • Attained “Good” from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism regarding cultural IT standards for 7 consecutive years
  • Attained over 80 points from Ministry of Public Administration and Security regarding personal information protection for 4 consecutive years

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