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Korean Literature Showcase


Since its launch in 2002, our annual International Workshop for Translation and Publication of Korean Literature has sought ways for Korean literature to interact with the wider world, addressing such topics as translation of Korean literature, overseas publishing, cultural exchange and digital publishing. Since 2018, the event has been held as part of Korean Literature Showcase, which introduces Korean literature and publishing industry to publishers invited from around the world.


20021stThe Publication of Korean Literature in Translation: Current State of Affairs and Measures for improvement, Translation Theory and Practice
20032ndForeign Rights and the Overseas Publication of Korean Literature
20043rdWhat Constitutes “Faithful Translation” in Literary Translation ?
20054thAssessment in Translation and Interpretation
20065thAesthetics of Communication: Assessing Translation from the Perspective of Publishers
20076thCultural Exchange and the Publishing of Translated Works
20087thDifference and Equivalence: Culture in Translation
20098thTranslation and Overseas Publication of Korean Children’s Literature
20109thIntroducing Korean Theater and Plays Overseas through Translation and Publishing
201110thTranslation and Publication of Korean Literature in the Digital Era
201211thK-Culture and Korean Literature in the Globalizing World
201312thNew Strategies for Promoting Korean Literature Worldwide
201413thThe Role of Translators and Literary Agents in Globalizing Korean Literature
201514thGlobal Promotion of K-Books: The Role of International Publication and Korean Studies Programs
201615thClassical Literature in the Global Era: Its Value and How to Share It
201716thCooperation and Expertise Sharing among Cultural Institutions
201817th<2018 Korean Literature showcases> The International Symposium on Translation and Publication

Presentation packets from past workshops

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