International Publishers Roundtable


LTI Korea establishes and expands international networks in order to promote overseas publication of Korean literature and international exchange. We invite publishers and publishing experts specializing in Korean literature from Korea and abroad to discuss trends in their respective literary markets and engage in copyright meetings.

Scale of Event

Scale of Event

Around 25 publishers from Korea and abroad



September (to be held offline)


Results of International Publishers Roundtable
YearEventPreiodScale of Event
2022International Publishers Roundtable2022. 6. (online)
2022. 9. (offline)

- 14 overseas publishers from 8 countries
- 16 Korean publishers
*Offline program: 4 publishers from 3 countries who participated in the online program were invited to Seoul.


Online Publishers Roundtable

2021. 6.

15 overseas publishers from 9 countries
- 11 Korean publishers

2020Online Exchange Program for Publishers2020. 7. ~ 8.

- 10 overseas publishers from 8 countries
- 7 Korean publishers

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