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Overseas Translation Workshops


For the purpose of stimulating interest in Korean literature and literary translation, we hold a term-long Korean literature translation workshops in partnership with overseas universities running Korean studies programs.


Target languages

Target languages


Number of recipients

Number of recipients

about 10



Overseas universities with Korean language or Korean literature programs that meet the following criteria

  • Faculty with the ability to guide a Korean literature translation workshop, and adequate facilities to run a translation workshop program for one term
    (at least one session per week for three months)
  • At least 7 undergraduate/graduate students with sufficient linguistic proficiency and literary understanding
Grant Details

Grant Details

Partial funding towards operational costs (coordinator and faculty fees, running costs) and invite author/scholar

  • Partial funding towards operational costs—coordinator and faculty fees, running costs, etc.
  • Funding (travel expenses and honoraria) for inviting the Korean author/scholar of the set text to participate in the workshop (2~3 days)

※ The university organizes and runs the workshop, and LTI Korea provides funding.

※ The exact amount of the grant is decided in consideration of a number of factors including the total budget and local prices.

※ The grant is paid in euros for countries using the euro and in US dollars for all other countries.

Required Documents

Required Documents

  • Application (in Korean or English). Please use the form provided.
  • Your application must include detailed information about the amount of funding requested, a budget plan, the workshop/seminar schedule, the set text and author, the department/program and participating students.
    ※ The set text is to be finalized in consultation with LTI Korea.
  • Resumes and personal statements of the teaching staff written in Korean or English (no set format)
    ※ Submitted documents will not be returned.
Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

  • Work experience of the selected faculty member(s)
  • Students’ linguistic proficiency and ability to translate a literary text
  • Concreteness/feasibility of the workshop and seminar plan
How to Apply

How to Apply

Applications are accepted by email only ( towards the end of the yearGo E-mail Inquiry

※ Please see notice for further information.

※ Priority will be given to applications with a plan to utilize the final translated text (publication, journal submission, etc.)

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