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Korean Literature Now: English Quarterly on Korean Literature


oKorean Literature Now (formerly _list: Books from Korea) is an English quarterly introducing Korean literature and writers through interviews, excerpts, special features, translators’ columns, and reviews of Korean literary works published overseas.KLNhasa circulation of about 5,000 including foreign publishers, agencies, Korean Studies programs, scholars, university libraries, cultural centers, and exclusive hotels in the Seoul-Gyeonggi-Incheon area.


  • Initially launched as _list: Books from Korea in 2008, KLN was published every quarter in English and Chinese up until 2013.
  • Before, the magazine focused on promoting the sales of publication rights of Korean titles, with articles on bestsellers, steady sellers and new arrivals, special features on various themes, interviews, and reportage on the publishing industry (trends,rightssales,etc.).
  • From the 2014 Summer Edition (Issue No. 24), the magazine was transformed into an English-language quarterly specializing in Korean literature. The title changed to Korean Literature Now from the 2016 Summer Edition (Issue No. 32).
  • Aside from the paper format, the magazine is also available online as a webzine. Subscriptions can be made online through the webzine. The online version provides exclusive contents including video clips of author interviews, readings and audio-books.

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