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  • The LTI Korea Translation Academy Established in 2008, the key objective of the LTI Korea Translation Academy is to foster the next generation of professional translators of Korean literature.
  • The Academy currently offers three courses: Regular Course, Special Course and Translation Atelier. As of the end of 2017, 1,089 students have graduated from the LTI Korea Translation Academy, the vast majority of whom are working as translators of Koreanliterature. In recognition of the achievements andsignificance of the Academy’s role, the Regular and Special courses were expanded into two-year programs in 2015.
  • The LTI Korea Translation Academy will continue to serve as a steppingstone for promising students to grow into professional translators of Korean literature by helping them sharpen their skills through a systematic curriculum that, besides translation practice, includes a wide range of programssuch as workshops with writers, literary excursions, and more.

Regular Course -> Translation Atelier <- Special Course)


2019Special Courses turning into One-year program with retake courses
2015Expansion of Regular and Special Courses into two-year programs
2011~2014Ran the Regular, Special, and Advanced Courses and Translation Atelier
2010Expansion of the Regular Course (45 languages)
Expansion of the Advanced Course (34 languages)
Introduction of Translation Atelier (7 languages)
2009Expansion of the Regular Course (34 languages)
Introduction of the Advanced Course (Duration: 12 weeks / 12 weeks)
2008Establishment of LTI Translation Academy
(Duration: 24 weeks / Regular, Special and Intensive Courses / 7 languages)
2007Ran courses in literary translation specializing in Korean literature in 7 languages
(Duration: 24 weeks)
2004~2006Offered classes in literary translation theory and monthly lectures
(Duration: 20 weeks)
2003Ran short-term training programs aimed at aspiring translators
(Duration: 6 weeks)

in Charge

  • Regular Course

    Hyunsun Park Education Program Team


    Tel. +82-(0)2-6919-7754

  • Special Course

    Heejin Seok Education Program Team


    Tel. +82-(0)2-6919-7758

  • Translation Atelier

    Heesu Choi Education Program Team


    Tel. +82-(0)2-6919-7756