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Message from the President

LTI Korea will continue to work on this dialogue between Korean literature and world literature.
At the same time, we will prepare for a careful leap based on our past accomplishments.

LTI Korea sprung from what was the Korean Literature Translation Fund (est. 1996) in 2001 as a result of the South Korean government’s push to share Korean literature and culture with the world.
LTI Korea’s efforts over the nearly two decades since its establishment have resulted in a remarkable increase in the number of Korean books being published and read overseas.
Today, Korean books are attracting the interest and love of readers all around the globe.

Spatially, we will expand our purview to the literature of the Korean peninsula and the Korean diaspora.
In terms of time, we will focus our efforts not only on contemporary Korean literature but also our traditional literature.
While continually thinking about what exactly is Korean literature,
we will strive to achieve a beautiful world order of literature in which the literature of all peoples
and all languages are respected equally as “different world literatures.”

I believe it is possible to leave a refined literary impression on the world by making good use of the intrinsic self-worth
and potential of the Korean language and Korean literature.
I hope you will take a kind interest in our future activities and continue to encourage us.

President of LTI Korea