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MISSION - Development and Globalization of Korean Literature / 2023 ViSION - Center for Global Exchange and Promotion of Korean Literature
2023 Business Goals

2023 Business Goals

overseas publication of 2,300 titles of Korean literary works, 3,000 audience members at the Seoul International Writers’ Festival, 3,500 introductory materials on Korean literature, 300 professional native-speaker translators, customer satisfaction score above 95
Core Values

Core Values

Expertise, Customer-oriented, Social ResponsibilityExpertise: We exercise creativity based on our cultural knowledge and expert capabilities in international exchange.
Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

Worldwide Dissemination of the Values of Korean Literature

  • Diversifying support for translation and publication of Korean literature
  • Reforming our translation and publication support system
  • Expanding our global network and partnership with major overseas publishers

Expanding Worldwide Readership of Korean Literature

  • Improving the quality of international literary exchange
  • Enhancing the foundation for literary enjoyment at home and abroad
  • Increasing Korean diaspora and inter-Korean literary exchange
  • Extending two-way publication efforts between Korea and the wider world

Establishing a Systematic Foundation for Globalizing Korean Literature

  • Strategic planning for holistic introduction of Korean literature overseas
  • Providing systematic and specialized introductory materials on Korean literature
  • Developing an advanced online platform for provision of information on Korean literature

Training World Class Professional Translators of Korean Literature

  • Improving the standards of training in literary translation
  • Strengthening the capabilities of graduates of LTI Korea Translation Academy
  • Discovering and training translators in minority language groups
  • Supporting research activities by professional translators

Managerial Innovation Aimed at Realizing Social Values

  • Establishing a base for sustainable growth
  • Disseminating the social values of literature
  • Ensuring effective communication within the organization
Key Programs

Key Programs

translation and publication / literary exchange / establishing a literary foundation / training literary translators / management of the institute