Translation and Publication Grants for Overseas Publishers


For the purpose of globalizing Korean literature and expanding K-Lit, LTI Korea provides translation and publication grants to overseas publishers wishing to publish Korean literary works.



Overseas publishers that have acquired rights, and plan to publish translated works of Korean literature(fiction, poetry, drama, YA novel, essay, webnovel, graphic novel(webtoon), scenario etc.) and humanities & social science.

※ Children’s picture books are not eligible for the grants.
※ Only works that have been published in book form are eligible for webnovel and graphic novel(webtoon).
※ The overseas publisher must sign a publication contract with the Korean publisher (copyright holder) and the translator before applying for LTI Korea’s translation and publication grants


Application Schedule

4 cycles in 2023

※ Applications are accepted throughout the year, but the date of the result announcement varies depending on the deadline.
Please take your publication schedule into consideration before submitting your application.

4 cycles in 2023(Cycle, 1st~4th Deadline, Announcement of Results)
DeadlinJanuary 31April 30July 31October 31
Announcement of ResultsFebruary 28May 31August 31November 30

※ Applications received on and after November 1 will be rolled over to 2024.
※ We do not provide grants for books that have been published before the announcement of results.
※ The above schedule is based on Korean Standard Time (KST). Submissions will automatically close after 23:59:59 on the day of the deadline, and applications received after this time will be rolled over to the next cycle.


How to Apply

  • Please complete and submit your application on via KLWAVE ( with required documents (1. Copyright contract, 2. Translator contract)

    ※ You must sign up before applying (*Please sign up as a publisher.)

    ※ You may not submit your application via mail, courier service, wire or in person.

  • Results will be announced individually on KLWAVE (
지원금 기준 내규

Grant Regulations

By genre

Grant Regulations(By genre)
GenreTranslation Grant
Fiction, Drama, Essay, Webnovel, Scenario, Humanities8 million ~ 14 million KRW
Poetry10 million ~ 12 million KRW
Children’s & YA Literature5 million ~ 10 million KRW
Graphic novel (Webtoon)5 million

By language

번역·출판지원금(Group, Language, Translation Grant, Publication Grant)에 대한 정보테이블
GroupLanguageTranslation GrantPublication Grant
AEnglish, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Nordic languages100%4 million KRW
BRussian, Chinese, Turkish, and other European languages80% of Group A
CAll other languages60% of Group A3 million KRW
  • The amount is commensurate with the length of the book (Group A=100%).
  • Support is available for up to two titles in a series. The grant amount for each title is determined by the above regulations.
  • Grants are paid in Korean won (KRW)

Evaluation Process

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee consisting of literary and publishing experts.


Selection Criteria

The level of interest in the selected work in the target market, the concreteness of the publication and marketing plans, and the publisher’s reputation and credibility

선정 후 절차

Post-selection Procedures

  • LTI Korea and the selected overseas publisher sign a Memorandum of Agreement.
  • Once the publisher submits the final publication manuscript and proof of publication to LTI Korea, the translator receives the translation grant in full.
  • Once the publisher submits complimentary copies to LTI Korea, the publication grant is paid in full as per the MOU.

    ※ The publisher must submit proof of payment of any fees paid to the translator as per the translation (publication) agreement between the publisher and the translator.
    ※ Unless under special circumstances, the publication/translation grant will be paid in one installment.



  • Documents submitted on KLWAVE will not be returned.
  • The selected overseas publisher must specify LTI Korea’s support on the book’s copyright page.
  • LTI Korea only provides publication grants for secondhand translations.
  • As per Article 10-1 of LTI Korea Budget Management Guidelines, the selection committee may rule out any applicant or writer who has caused social controversy in terms of human rights and ethical issues (sexual violence, sexual harassment, plagiarism, etc.)
  • Each overseas publisher may receive up to two grants per quarter and no more than six grants per year.
  • Books that have already received or are set to receive funding from other institutes are not eligible.
  • The selected overseas publisher must cooperate with LTI Korea in post-publication procedures, which include reporting annual book sales.

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