Korean Diaspora Literature


As per the First Literature Promotion Plan, LTI Korea introduced a new exchange program in 2017 with the aim of expanding the base of Korean literature by discovering and supporting writers of Korean diaspora literature. We seek to establish Korean diasporaliteratureasa valuable asset for world literature through various activities—funding multilingual translations of outstanding overseas Korean literary works, publishing reference materials on the history and current status of Korean diaspora literature,conductingexchangeprograms for writers from Korea and abroad, and hosting essay contests.


(2ndhalf of 2017~1sthalf of 2018)
Study on Promotion of Exchange for Korean Diaspora Literature
Discussion on Policy for Promoting Exchange for Korean Diaspora Literature
1stKorean Diaspora Literature Essay Contest
(2ndhalf of 2018~1sthalf of 2019)
Zainichi Korean Literature Symposium in Tokyo, Japan
Korean Chinese Literature Colloquium in Yanji, China
Platform for Peace and Communication in Seoul, Korea
2ndKorean Diaspora Literature Essay Contest
(2ndhalf of 2019~1sthalf of 2020)
Korean Russian Literature Author Talks & Readings in Moscow, Russia
3rdKorean Diaspora Literature Essay Contest
Publication of a reference material on overseas Korean writers
Support for translation and publication of outstanding overseas Korean literary works

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