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International Exchanges & Partnerships


LTI Korea hosts international exchange events in partnership with other organizations worldwide to celebrate diplomatic or cultural occasions, thereby the basis of literary communication between Korea and the wider world.

International Literary Festivals and Book Fairs

LTI Korea works closely with international literary festivals and book fairs throughout the year to introduce Korean literature to overseas readers. In addition, we continue to establish literary exchange partnerships in different countries, thereby raising the international profile of Korean literature.

International Literary Exchange Events

LTI Korea holds international exchange events on special occasions in order to create and strengthen Korea’s literary ties with other countries. Every year, we select a country based on diplomatic and cultural relations, and carry out a number of exchange programs—inviting literary figures to Korea and publishing works in journals and magazines.

※ Amid the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing measures, we do not support events that require international travel until 31 July, 2021.
※ From 2021, the International Exchange Grants Program's screening cycle will be changed from quarterly screening to twice a year. Applications for Korean literature events or activities held in the first half of 2021 should be submitted by 31 January, 2021.
※ Overseas publishers may apply for our PR & Marketing Grants for Overseas Publishers.

5 Events in 2021

5 Events in 2021 - No, Category, Event, Period
1International Book Fair (2)Taipei International Book Exhibition (Taiwan)2021. 1. 26 ~ 2021. 5. 31
2AAS Book Fair (USA)2021. 3. 21 ~ 2021. 3. 26
3Literary Event (3)2021 Korea-France Genre Literature Exchange2021. 7. ~ 2021. 12.
4The 6th Korea-Japan Poets Exchange2021. 12. 3
52021 Korean Literature Week in Brussels2021. 11. 17 ~ 2021. 11. 20

in Charge

  • Sooyun Yum International Exchange Team


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