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2024 LTI Korea International Exchange Grants


LTI Korea offers grants to support events (or activities) promoting Korean literature both in Korea and abroad for the purpose of facilitating international literary exchange.


  • Groups or individuals in Korea or abroad hosting promotional events (or activities) targeted at overseas readers of Korean literature.

    ※ Examples of eligible applicants:

    - Writers, translators
    - International literary festivals
    - Korean studies departments overseas
    - Korean or overseas publisher or literary agency
    - Korean or overseas publishers and literary agencies
    - Korean or overseas institutions or groups related to Korean literature
    - Literary influencers (YouTube, Instagram, etc.)

Eligible Projects

  • Events featuring Korean writers or translators
  • Production of video or audio content (book trailers, reviews, interviews, etc.) promoting Korean literature

    ※ All promotional videos must be original works produced by the applicant, and may feature popular figures or influences.

  • Translation and publication of special issues on Korean literature with international literary journals.

    For publication in literary journals, you must obtain permission from the copyright holder(s) (the publisher, the writer, the translator, etc.) before applying.

  • Academic events or activities related to Korean literature or translation
  • Promotion and marketing activities for new publications of translated Korean literature
  • Other online/offline events or activities related to globalization of Korean literature

    ※ You may not apply for a grant with the same or similar projects that have already received funding (national or local) from other organizations or institutes in Korea (e.g. Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea, Korea Foundation, Arts Council Korea, etc.)

접수 일정

Application Schedule

  • 4 Cycles in 2024
    2024 application schedule (total of 4 times)
    Cycle 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
    Deadline January 31st April 30th July 31st October 31st
    Announcement of Results February 29th May 31st August 30st November 29th
  • ※ Applications received on and after November 1 will be rolled over to 2025.
    ※ We do not provide grants for events that have been completed before the deadline.
    ※ The above schedule is based on Korean Standard Time (KST). Submissions will automatically close after 23:59:59 on the day of the deadline.


How to Apply

  • Please submit your application online via KLWAVE (

    ※ You must sign up before applying (*Please select one of the following membership categories: Publisher/Agency/Institute/Individual)
    ※ You may not submit your application via mail, courier service, wire or in person.
    ※ In the case of a literary journal, please include (for each work) in your application.

  • Results will be announced individually on KLWAVE (

    International Exchange Grant Guidelines and Forms

Grant Allocation

Grant Details

  • Direct costs related to the project or event

    1)Operating expenses (Professional Services Costs, Production Cost, Advertisement and Promotion, Reception Expenses)

    ※ Grants cannot be used to cover personal expenses, asset purchases, or unofficial food expenses (casual meals, snacks or light refreshments).

    ※ Professional Services Costs: Lecture Fees, Case-Related Honoraria (Consultation, Evaluation, Manuscript, Editing, Proofreading, Discussions, Presentations, Master of Ceremonies, etc.), Translation & Interpretation Fees.

    2) Rental fees (venue rental, etc.)

    3) Travel expenses (flight, accommodation, per diem, domestic travel, etc.)

    - Flight: The cost of an economy class ticket
    - Accommodation: Please see Attachment 1. Capping Accommodation Expenses by Country/City.
    - Per diem: USD 40 per person per day for up to 10 days, in accordance with the official event invitation schedule
    - Domestic travel expenses: Local transportation (train, etc.)

Grant Amount

Grant Amount

  • Grants are based on Korean Won (KRW). The final amount will be determined according to the results of the evaluation.
  • Each grant is worth up to 20 million KRW (applicable to both groups and individuals).
  • In the case of group applicants (publishers, agencies, institutes, or other non-individual applicants), your own contribution must cover at least 20% of the total budget.
  • In principle, the grant is paid in two installments. The first installment is paid upon signing of an agreement between LTI Korea and the selected recipient. The second installment is paid after the completion of the project and the submission of the final report. However, LTI Korea may provide the grant in one payment if deemed necessary.
Evaluation Standards

Selection Criteria

  • Planning (40 points)

    - Does the project have an appropriate purpose, content, expected impact, and target audience? (10)
    - Does the project have a clear and feasible schedule for its intended purpose? (10)
    - Is the project likely to attract attention and interest from global readers? (10)
    - Is the project based on sufficient understanding of Korean literature? (10)

  • Promotion (30 points)

    - Does the promotional plan contain detailed information and specify marketing channels? (10)
    - Does the promotional plan consider the target audience and expected impact? (10)
    - Does the project lead to better understanding of Korean literature overseas? (10)

  • Budget plan (20 points)

    - Does the budget plan include appropriate items and a basis of calculation? (10)
    - Does the budget plan include a reasonable and well-organized procurement plan (self-funding, etc.)? (10)

  • Competence (10 points)

    - Based on any past activities, does the applicant have the competence to achieve the project’s aim? (10)

Process After Selection

Post-selection Procedures

① Sign a Memorandum of Agreement

② Payment of the 1st installment of the grant

③ Completion of the project

④ Process report (※ If requested by LTI Korea)

⑤ Final report and balance accounts

⑥ Payment of the 2nd installment

Final Report

Final Report

  • You must submit the following documents to LTI Korea within 60 days of the completion of the project.

    ① Final Report (Please use the form provided(Appendix E) and submit it by email or through the KLWAVE online platform)

    ② Evidence of outcomes such as photographs, posters, or media coverage

    ③ Receipts for the grant amount
    ※ Unexecuted supporting documents are not accepted.
    ※ Providing necessary receipts for your self-bourn expenditures is required upon request.

    ④ Receipts for Professional Services Costs (If applicable) must be submitted with an (form provided) or the wire transfer bank receipt.
    ※ The Statement for Acknowledgment must be signed by the recipients.

Other Items


  • Documents submitted on KLWAVE will not be returned.
  • The final report and additional materials may be used (replicated, edited, and distributed if necessary) by LTI Korea for promotional purposes.
  • As per Article 10-1 of LTI Korea Budget Management Guidelines, the selection committee may rule out any applicant or writer who has caused social controversy in terms of human rights and ethical issues (sexual violence, sexual harassment, plagiarism, etc.)
  • The use of portrait rights, copyrights, intellectual property rights, sound sources, etc. in the course of the project must pose no legal problems. In case of any related disputes, the applicant will be held solely responsibility.
  • Applicants who are not eligible, or provide false information will be excluded from the selection procedures, and their applications will be withdrawn.
  • LTI Korea may request the applicant to supplement or modify the project plan, if deemed necessary.
  • The applicant must adhere to the budget plan and grant items. Items not suitable for the listed categories cannot be approved for the final report.
  • Any objection to the results of the evaluation must be raised within 15 days of the announcement of the results. The applicant may request in writing a review of the feasibility or amount of the grant. However, each project may be re-evaluated just once, and no further objection may be raised thereafter.
  • In the event of an unavoidable change in the event, the applicant must notify LTI Korea with the . Once confirmed by LTI Korea, the applicant can proceed.
  • In the event of a cancellation, the applicant must notify LTI Korea of the withdrawal using the .
  • In the event of an unavoidable delay in submitting the final report, the applicant must notify and consult with LTI Korea in advance.
  • If the applicant fails to submit the final report within 60 days of the project’s completion, LTI Korea may deduct the second installment of the grant based on the delayed period.
  • If the final report reveals that the executed budget, excluding the applicant’s own contribution, is smaller than the amount of the grant, the amount of the second installment may be reduced based on the actual costs incurred.

in Charge

  • Yougang Jung(Application)  International Exchange Team


    Tel. 02-6919-7744

  • Inés (yeonsoo) Choi(Final report)  International Exchange Team


    Tel. 02-6919-7746

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