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International Exchange Grants


LTI Korea supports literary events and activities aimed at expanding international exchange of Korean literature and promoting Korean literary works published overseas through our open call program.


• Organizing committees (or members) of literary festivals/events, Overseas agencies organizing Korean author’s promotion, Overseas higher education institutes for Korean studies, or any individual
Overseas publishers that have published Korean literary works or own the rights on Korean literary titles that they plan to publish.

Eligible projects

  • Holding events with Korean authors or translators
  • Producing promotional videos (e.g. book trailers, book reviews, author interviews) and audio materials

    ※ Each promotional video must be an original work planned and produced by the applicant and may feature celebrities or influencers.

  • Publishing special feature on Korean literature
  • Academic seminars or conferences on Korean literature or translation
  • Other events or activities related to the globalization of Korean literature, PR and marketing activities for new publications of Korean literature

Support Details

Please see the application kit before applying Word Excel

1) Application Guideline
2) Application Form
3) Appendix A. Accommodation rate
4) Appendix B. Final Report Form
5) Appendix C. Statement of Acknowledgement

The Grant can be spent on covering direct costs only, e.g. translation, rental or reception fees, and travel costs. It can NOT be spent on covering indirect costs, e.g. personnel expense and software purchase or non-official food costs, e. g. meal plans or business meals.

Grant regulations

• The grant sum will be approved in Korean Won.

• The grant sum for any one project cannot exceed KRW 20,000,000(USD 17,000 equivalent).

• Amount of the grant provided to overseas publishers will be decided based on the table below:

Grant regulations
TextContents ProductionEvent
TypeInterview, Translation, etc.Book Trailer, Book review, Audio Book, Interview, Book Talk, etc.Live streaming, On-site events
Grant Amountcommensurate with the length of the textup to 3 million KRW per contentup to 5 million KRW per event

• Applying organizations should include minimum of 20% self-borne cost in the budget plan.

• Organizing parties of literary festivals should cover the honorarium of the Korean author they wish to invite so the authors can stay convenient during the festival.

Required Documents

  • 1Application

    • Please provide other supporting documents if necessary: project plan, contracts, promotional materials, letters of invitation
  • 2Final Report: The Final Report is due within 30 days after the event by email.

  • 3Statement of Acknowledgement

Deadlines & Announcements

Deadlines &Announcements
Deadline31st January31st March31st May31st July30th September
Announcement of ResultEnd of FebruaryEnd of AprilEnd of JuneEnd of AugustEnd of October

※ From 2022, the International Exchange Grants Program's screening cycle will be on a bi-monthly basis.
※ Applications are accepted for forth coming events only.
※ The deadline closes at 24:00 KST.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted by email only (

Selection Criteria

• Viability of the business plan
• Contribution to the promotion of Korean literature and culture
• Appropriateness of the funding request
• Competence of the applicant

Post-selection Procedures

① The selected candidate will sign a Memorandum of Agreement for the International Exchange Grant with LTI Korea.

② In principle, the grant will be paid in two installments. However, at the discretion of LTI Korea, it may be paid in full in one installment before or after the project.

③ The project must be carried out and completed within the time frame specified on the application. Any change in schedule must be discussed and agreed upon by LTI Korea in advance.

④ A final report and proof of expenditure must be submitted within one month of the completion of the project. The second installment of the grant will be paid as per the report.


  • Documents submitted with your application will not be returned.
  • LTI Korea reserves the right to request modifications or adjustments in the project plan.
  • The selected candidate must execute the budget in accordance with the amounts and items approved by LTI Korea.
  • Applicants who disagree with the selection process result can request a re-evaluation of their applications within 15 days from the announcement date, in writing only. The request for the re-evaluation will be limited to only once and is no longer acceptable with the same project after ward.
  • Grantees should submit the Final Report attaching the following documents: 1) Statement of Acknowledgement (See Appendix D) 2) Photocopy of Press Release 3) Event photos 4) Photocopies of receipts. The delay in submitting the Report would result in the deduction of the grant sum.

2021 International Exchange Grant

40 projects in 23 countries

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