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Call for 2022 Overseas Translation Workshop Program
  • Writer학사운영팀
  • Date2021-12-21
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Applications Open for 2022 Overseas Translation Workshop Program

Through the Overseas Translation Workshop Program, LTI Korea provides funding assistance for Korean literature translation workshops held abroad. We seek applications from overseas universities with Korean studies programs.

    1. Introduction: Our grants cover the costs of running a Korean literature translation workshop and inviting a Korean writer for an online session. (We are only supporting an online session in 2022 due to COVID 19)

    2. Eligibility: Overseas universities with Korean language or Korean literature programs in all language groups are eligible to apply.

   - Number of Recipients: around 18 universities (subject to change)

    3. Details

  1) Event details

   - Korean literature translation seminars: translate Korean literature (1 short story or about 20 poems) into a foreign language. (We recommend hosting at least 1 session per week, for about 3 months. At least 7 students must participate.)

- Korean literature translation workshop: event duration should be about 1~3 days, including an online session with a writer

  2) Event dates: Anytime in between March – November 2022

  3) Grant details: faculty fees for Korean literature translation seminars, coordinator fees, promotional and operational costs, catering fee, etc. (LTI will be covering the honorarium for the writer)

    4. Application and Selection Process

  1) Application period: 2021. Dec. 20. (Mon) ~ 2022. Jan. 16. (Sun) (24:00 KST)

  2) How to apply: applications are accepted by email only (

  3) Required documents

   - Application (in Korean or English). Please use the form provided. 

   - Please include detailed information on the amount of funding, a budget plan, the workshop/seminar schedule 

   - The budget plan should be in KRW.

   - Resumes and personal statements of the teaching staff (no set format, written in Korean or English)

   - The faculty pay scale of the university

  4) Notification of Result: Start of February 2022 (expected)

    5. Selection Criteria

  1) The standards of the Korean department

   - Students’ linguistic proficiency, participation of MA/PhD students, etc.

   - The work experience of the selected faculty member(s)

  2) Concreteness/feasibility of the workshop and seminar plan 

  3) Rational budgeting and suitability 

   - We take into consideration of budget ratio between LTI and the university, etc. 

   - The institutions who have been selected in previous years should expand the amount of budget paid by them. This does not apply to new applicants.

    6. Notes

  1) Amendment of the event: If needed, LTI may request the applicants to make amendments to their applications before result notification. 

   - Text for translation may be changed after consultation with LTI

   - LTI may request the applicants to make changes to the format and content of the seminar/workshop/literary event.

  2) Agreement signing and payment: Grant will be provided in two installations. Upon signing an agreement with LTI, the first installation (first half of the grant) will be provided. After submitting the final report, the second installation will be provided. 

   - The grant will be provided in KRW. (LTI will provide a grant in the currency in applicant’s country only if wire transfer in KRW is not available)

   - LTI will wire transfer the grant to the university’s account, unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

   - The selection committee will review the applicant’s budget plan and then decide the grant amount, which will be determined according to LTI’s budget, local price, etc. 

  3) Korean literature translation workshop: The applicant must host an online session (about 2 hours per day) with the author or scholar. However, hosting literary events connected with the session is optional. 

   - Literary events include: lecture for the Korean studies department or the entire university/lecture for students from other universities or local citizens/talk with a local writer or critic/reading event/academic event (The literary events should be scheduled during the online workshop period, for a maximum of 3 days.)

  4) Final Report: The selected applicant must submit the final report and proof of expenses within 1 month after the event. Upon reviewing the final report, LTI will provide the second installation of the grant. 

   - The selected applicants will receive the final report form

   - Universities that host events in the second half of 2022 must submit their final reports by the end of November. 

    7. Further Information

  1) For any inquiries, please contact

  2) Workshops scheduled for the first half of 2022 will be given preference. 

  3) Submitted documents will not be returned.

  4) Translation seminars and workshops using an intermediary language are not eligible.

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