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2~4F Academy

The second to fourth floors house the LTI Korea Translation Academy classrooms.

  • 2~4층 번역원아카데미 첫번째 사진
  • 2~4층 번역원아카데미 두번째 사진
  • 2~4층 번역원아카데미 세번째 사진
  • 2~4층 번역원아카데미 네번째 사진
  • 2~4층 번역원아카데미 다섯번째 사진
  • 2~4층 번역원아카데미 여섯번째 사진

The LTI Korea Translation Academy 2F ~ 4F

Classrooms of the LTI Korea Translation Academy take up the second to fourth floors of the LTI Korea building.
The rooms are feature ergonomically designed desks and chairs as well as electronic podiums, computers, printers, and fax machines, all for the convenience of the students.

In particular, the auditorium on the fourth floor can seat up to 100 people, and it is where the opening and graduation ceremonies for the Academy are held.