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List of Translated Titles

Just Like book cover

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Just Like

  • Author

    Lee Sumyeong
  • Translator

    Colin Leemarshall
  • Publisher

    Black Ocean
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  • Ecole de Seoul: How artists, writers survived dark ages through friendship

    graphic designer and created illustrations for some novels. "His illustrations were experimental, just like his literary works. For example, he produced a collage of images inspired by words and overlapped them to reinterpret the text through image," Kim said.Along with the vibrant modern works, Yee...

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  • Han Kang wins the Man Booker International Prize, the most commonly used words by poets, and more

    poets like Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, or Edgar Allan Poe? Check out these interactive word clouds that display the results of over 35,000 analyzed poems.   Envelope yourself in your literary happy place with these perfumes that smell just like old books, or one of these 66 candles that smell like...

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  • Necessary or True Happenstances: An Introduction to the Work of Hye Young-Pyun

    as yesterday.  Just like the rabbit’s cage and its tomb—one and the same space.Hye Young-Pyun’s  literary debut was in the 2000 Seoul Shinmun spring literary contest with the short story, “Shaking off the Dew.” The theme Pyun confronts repeatedly throughout her work is that of the contemporary...

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  • A Language Is a Window: An Interview with Krys Lee

    a North Korean was just published by Viking/Penguin Random House.Words Without Borders (WWB): You write in English and translate from Korean. What inspired you to begin working as a translator, and does your work as a translator influence your fiction and how you think about language?Krys Lee (KL):...

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  • From the Translator: Totalitarian Capitalism in a Windowless Room

    Scales” gets from the landlord when mold grows on her walls: That’s just how it is.Uncannily, just like the protagonist of “Ascending Scales,” Saein shared a small place with her older sister and their tiny terrier. Their landlady lived one floor above them and often peeked in. The winter I was...

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