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Call for Applications to the LTI Korea Translation Academy Regular Course 2023
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  • Date2023-03-20
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Call for Applications to the LTI Korea Translation Academy 2023 Regular Course

The LTI Korea Translation Academy is seeking aspiring translators and talented candidates eager to receive professional training in literary and cultural content-related translation who are up to the challenge of leading the Korean wave into a newera.

Course Introduction

○ Languages: English, French, German, Spanish,Russian, Chinese, Japanese

○ Duration: August 21, 2023 - June 2025 (4semesters over 2 years)

○ Curriculum

-Practical Training in Literary Translation & Practical Training in Cultural Content Translation (Language-specific seminars)

- Lectures on Korean literature, culture, and arts (Non-language-specific subjects)

-Translation workshops with authors and relevant experts, literary field trips,and various other events

* Effectivefrom 2023, the Media Translation Course has been merged with the Regular Courseinto one single program.

○ Course Schedule: Lectures will be given on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00. Before the start of each semester, students will receive a timetable detailing the times and locations for the classes in which they are enrolled.

- Before the start of the 1st semester, students will be required to watch preparatory online lectures in the form of 25-minute-long video sessions (6 subjects, 8 sessions per subject).

- Students will be required to enroll in 5 subjects for each of their first 3 semesters (15 hours of class time per week) and 3 subjects during their 4th semester (9 hours of class time per week).

- During the summer and winter breaks, students will be required to enroll in 2 subjects (two hours per subject).

○ Location: Literature Translation Institute ofKorea, located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

○ Faculty: Relevant experts in each respective field

○ Tuition & registration fees: Free tuitionfor all students, and a yearly registration fee of 100,000 KRW for general applicants

Admission Details

General Applicants

Fellowship Applicants


§ Koreans or foreign nationals residing in Korea who hold at least a bachelor’s degree

§ Foreign nationals residing overseas who hold at least a bachelor’s degree

* Fellowship recipients are prohibited from engaging in remunerated activities in Korea throughout the length of the program.

* Fellowship recipients are prohibited from receiving financial support from any other organization throughout the length of the program.

Financial support

§ Each semester, the top three students in each language group will be awarded a scholarship of 1,500,000 KRW

§ Monthly stipend of 1,600,000 KRW

* The amount may be reduced if the student fails to meet the minimum attendance requirement.

§ Round-trip airfare

§ D-4-2 Visa support

§ Exemption of registration fees

Number of students to be admitted

§ About 5 per language

§ About 5 per language

How to Apply

○ Application Period: April 3 toApril 21, 2023, at 16:00 KST

○ Applications should be made online through the LTI Korea Translation Academy website (

○ Required Documents

General Applicants

Fellowship Applicants

1. Application form

1. Application form

2. Personal statement

2. Personal statement

3. Degree certificate

3. Degree certificate


4. Recommendation letter
* To be completed using the form provided for this purpose


5. (Optional) TOPIK score certificate

○ Notes

- The personal statement must be written in both Korean and the language for which the applicant seeks admission into the program.

- Only degree certificates issued in Korean or English will be accepted. Certificates issued in other languages must be translated into Korean or English, afte rwhich they are to be either notarized or apostilled prior to being submitted.

* Prospective graduates mustbe able to submit a degree certificate before June 30, 2023 and arerequired to submit a certificate of expected graduation at the time of theirapplication.

- Therecommendation letter can be submitted in either Korean or English.

• The letter should be emailed directlyto by the person who wrote it.

• The letter should be written by a university professor, a researcher or educator in the field of Korean studies (such as Korean literature or Korean language), or a professional literarytranslator.

• The letter should be completed usingthe form provided for this purpose on the Translation Academy’s website.

- Applicants who apply to the Regular Course are ineligible to apply to any other Translation Academy programs.

-Following the application deadline, applicants will not be permitted to change the language for which they applied or the application type (general/fellowship).

- Although we welcome applications from candidates who have completed other programs offered at the Translation Academy, applications from candidates who havealready completed the Regular Course will not be accepted.

Selection Process ( All dates and times are in KST)

General Applicants

Fellowship Applicants

Information session

Friday, March 24 at 10:00 and 17:00 (2 sessions)

* Will be streamed live on LTI Korea’s official YouTube channel (

* Applicants only need to attend one of the two sessions

* Watch the Video clip ->

Application period

From Monday, April 3 to Friday, April 21 at 16:00

* Recommendation letters for fellowships applicants must also have been received by 16:00 on April 21.

Announcement of candidates selected for written exam

Friday, April 28 at 16:00

* Please check application portal


Written exam

Thursday, May 11 at 14:00

* To be conducted online in real time

Announcement of candidates selected for interview

Friday, May 19 at 16:00

* Please check application portal


From Friday, May 26 to Thursday, June 1

* To be conducted online by video call

Announcement of admission results

Friday, June 9 at 16:00

* Please check application portal

Registration of successful applicants

From Monday, June 12 to Monday, June 19

Arrival into Korea (for fellowship students)

Before Thursday, August 17

Opening ceremony

Thursday, August 17

First day of class

Monday, August 21

Supplementary information

- Applicants who are found to have provided false information or forged documents will have their application cancelled or admission revoked.

- Admission results will be kept confidential.

Contact us

Please direct all your questions concerning the2023 Regular Course to the LTI Korea Academic Affairs Team by email at

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