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List of Translated Titles

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    Literature > Korean literature > Contemporary essays
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  • Call for 18th LTI Korea Translation Award for Aspiring Translators 2019

    The 18th LTI Korea Translation Award for Aspiring Translators(2019)The 18th LTI Korea Translation Award for Aspiring Translators seeks to discover new talent in literary translation who will serve as a bridge between Korean and global literatures. Target languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and VietnameseSet texts: Please choose one from the list below. 구 분 작품명 저자 수록도서 고전 「김영철전」 홍세태* 박희병, 정길수 옮김 『전란의 소용돌이 속에서』 (돌베개, 2007) 근대 「장삼이사」 최명익 『비 오는 길』(문학과 지성사, 2004) 현대 「다른 기억」 김혜진 『소설 보다: 봄-여름』(문학과 지성사, 2018)Eligibility: Applications are welcome from translators of all nationalities who have not yet received an official translation grant or published a translated work of Korean literature in their target language. Co-translations are not accepted. ※ Applicants whose previous translations only appeared in LTI Korea Translation Academy and/or Translation Atelier collections are eligible. Prize:- One winner will be selected in each language category.- Each winner will be awarded 5,000,000 KRW and a plaque.※ The prize for overseas residents includes a trip to Seoul(round-trip airfare and accommodation) to attend the award ceremony. Requirements- Application(Please download the application form from our website.- Translation manuscript(in PDF format)※ You must translate the entire text including the title.※ Personal information(your name, school, address, etc.) must not appear anywhere on the submitted manuscript. Applications are accepted by email only: Application Period: June 1 ~ July 26(24:00 KST), 2019 Announcement of Results: The results will be announced in October 18, 2019 on our website and all winners will be notified individually.Award Ceremony: Mid-December 2019For further enquiries, please contact Lee Yoomi: - - +82-(0)2-6919-7752

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  • Call for Applications to the Regular Course 2017

    Call for Applications to the Regular Course The LTI Korea Translation Academy offers several exciting courses for aspiring translators of Korean literature. Designed for people deeply interested in translating Korean literature, the Regular Course was earlier offered as a one-year program. With the vision of transforming the Academy into a graduate school of translation, we expanded it into a two-year program in 2015. We are looking for talented applicants who will rise to the challenge of translating Korean literature, thereby contributing to the growth of its global readership. LTI Korea Translation Academy Fellowship The fellowship is open to native speakers of English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish. The fellowship is designed to allow foreign students to devote themselves fully to their study of literary translation during their stay in Korea. □ The fellowship includes: round-trip airfare, monthly stipend of 1.6 million won, visa sponsorship, health insurance, and tuition waiver □ About the Program ○ Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish ○ Eligibility - Foreigners and overseas Koreans with a bachelors degree or above can apply. However, students who are recommended by their university or by a relevant expert can apply regardless of their academic background. - Applicants who are not involved in any economic activities in Korea when the course starts (September 2017). - Fellowship recipients are ineligible to receive scholarships offered by other organizations while studying at the Academy. ○ Number of Fellowships: 3〜4 for each language ○ Curriculum: Translation of Literary Texts, Study of Translation Styles, Korean Literature, Korean Culture, Korean Language - The program also offers activities such as workshops with Korean writers and cultural excursions. ○ Faculty: Professors of literature, translation, and Korean language and culture ○ Duration: September 2017 〜 June 2019 - 1st Year: September 2017 〜 June 2018 - 2nd Year: September 2018 〜 June 2019 ※ Fall Semester: September 〜 December | Spring Semester: March 〜 June □ How to Apply ○ Application Documents - Application form, personal statement written in Korean - Letter of recommendation: The recommender should email us directly at The letter should be written in Korean or English. - Sample translation of 이기호 「최미진은 어디로」,『2017 제62회 현대문학상 수상소설집』(현대문학, 2016) p.150 6th line(그날 밤, 나는 평소보다〜) 〜 p.155 8th line(〜따로 건네지 않았다.) The title must be translated as well. - A certificate of bachelors degree, or, if not holding a degree, a letter of recommendation from a relevant expert (prescribed form). However, applicants enrolled in a university must submit a certificate of enrollment and transcripts. ※ All forms, including the personal statement, and letter of recommendation, can be downloaded from the LTI Korea website. - - □ Selection Criteria ○ Application review, sample translation review and telephone interview ○ Applications can be made online at: ○ Applications should be received no later than 24:00 (Korean standard time) on April 30, 2017. □ Selection process ○ Application period: April 1 〜 30, 2017 ○ Announcement of candidates for telephone interview: May 31, 2017 ○ Telephone interview: June 2 〜 13, 2017 ○ Final result announcement: June 19, 2017 Contact: Ms. Lee, Mina (Tel: +82-2-6919-7752 | E-mail:

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