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List of Translated Titles

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  • Author

    Jang Kü-Dža
  • Translator

    Miriam Löwensteinová
  • Publisher

    Nová vlna
  • Published Year

  • Genre

    literature > Korean Literature > Korean Fiction > 20th century > 1945-1999
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  • LTI Korea Releases 30 New E-books

    LTI Korea Releases 30 New E-books ■ LTI Korea has published English translations of 30 Korean literary works from 1910 to 1950 as part of its 20th Century Korean Literature e-book series, adding to the 20 e-books it published last year. Works of 18 Korean writers like Kang Kyung-ae, Kye Yong-muk, Kim Dong-in, Kim Sa-ryang and others are included in the list of e-books. For the first time, stories penned by Kye Yong-muk, Na Hye-seok, Shin Chae-ho, Yang Geon-sik, Yun Gi-jeong, Lee Mu-young, Yi Ik-sang, Jeong In-ta and Choi Seo-hae are also included in this collection. ■ The stories were picked from a list of works in the public domain provided by the Korea Copyright Commission keeping in mind factors like the work’s readability and potential to generate interest among foreign readers, literary significance and so on. The e-books can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play by searching for “20th Century Korean Literature.” They can also be accessed at LTI Korea’s e-book site ( ■ List of Works: 작가명 Writer 작품명 Title 강경애 Kang Kyung-ae 모자 Mother and Child 계용묵 Kye Yong-muk 별을 헨다, 병풍에 그린 닭이, 인두지주 Counting Stars, Like a Chicken on a Folding Screen, The Human Arachnid 김동인 Kim Dong-in 발가락이 닮았다, 명문 Our Toes Are Alike, Clear Commandments 김사량 Kim Sa-ryang 유치장에서 만난 사나이, 토성랑 The Man I Met in the Lock Up, Toseongnang 김유정 Kim Yu-jeong 소낙비, 만무방 Downpour, Scoundrels 나도향 Na Do-hyang 지형근, 뽕The Downfall of Ji Hyeong-geun, Mulberry 나혜석 Na Hye-seok 규원 Bitterness of the Inner Quarters 신채호 Shin Chae-ho 꿈하늘 Dream Sky 양건식 Yang Geon-sik 슬픈 모순 Sad Contradiction 윤기정 Yun Gi-jeong 양회굴뚝 The Smokestack 이무영 Lee Mu-young 제1과 제1장 Act 1. Scene 1 이상 Yi Sang 지도의 암실 The Darkroom of the Map 이익상 Yi Ik-sang 쫓기어가는 이들, 흙의 세례 The Banished, Baptism of Soil 이효석 Lee Hyoseok 개살구, 장미 병들다 Wild Apricots, The Sick Rose 정인택 Jeong In-taek 여수 Longing for Home 조명희 Cho Myung-hee 저기압, 땅 속으로 Low Pressure Point, Into the Ground 채만식 Ch’ae Man-Sik 쑥국새, 세길로 The Cuckoo, Three Paths 최서해 Choi Seo-hae 고국, 기아와 살육, 토혈 Homeland, Hunger and Slaughter, Consumption

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