A Platform for Expanding the Global Reach of Korean Literature


KLWAVE is an online platform that provides extensive information on translation, publication and exchange of Korean literature, and supports communication among its users. It aims to resolve information asymmetry, facilitate copyright deals, and expand the global readership of Korean literature.

Main Services


Supporting Copyright Information Exchange

  • Information on copyrighted titles from Korean publishers that are available for sale (Rights>Featured Titles)
  • Thematically-curated content about recommendations from Korean publishers, agencies, and LTI Korea (Rights >Publisher’s Picks)
  • Information on Korean publishers, agencies, and organizations supporting the globalization of Korean literature (Rights >Members)
한국문학 콘텐츠 제공

Providing Korean Literature Content

  • Korean authors (Authors)
  • Korean original works (Books>Original Works)
  • Translations of Korean literature (Books>Translations)
  • Magazines introducing Korean literature (KL Content Hub>Magazines)
  • E-books of Korean classical literature (KL Content Hub>Classical Lit)
  • Overseas media coverage of Korean literature (KL Content Hub>News)
  • Reviews of Korean literature (KL Content Hub>Reviews)
  • International exchange events (KL Content Hub>Events)

Types of Membership

기관 회원

Institutional Membership

  • Publisher : Korean and overseas publishers who have published or are interested in publishing Korean literary works or translations of Korean literature
  • Agency : Korean and overseas agencies interested in copyright transactions of Korean literature
  • Organization : Korean and overseas organizations engaging in Korean literature education and exchange

Individual Membership

  • Translator : professional translators of Korean literature who have published at least one translation (excluding self-published books), or received translation grants from LTI Korea, or won translation awards
  • Editor : editors affiliated with publishing houses
  • General : general users seeking information on Korean literature

※ Institutional members, translators, and editors may start using our services after membership approval.

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