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Korean Literature Essay Contest


Our annual Korean Literature Essay Contest raises the international profile of Korean literature and expands its readership worldwide.

  • Initially held in 3 countries in 2005, the Korean Literature Essay Contest has grown in size and scale, and is now held in over 20 different cities across the world.
  • The contest is run in partnership with overseas institutions, and prizes are awarded to the most outstanding entries.
  • In addition, the essays by Grand Prize winners from different parts of the world are published in a collection at the end of each year.


  • In 2019, 23 competitions were held in 18 countries
  • USA (East/West/Central/Sejong), France, Spain, Russia, China (Beijing/Sichuan), Taiwan, Japan, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Brazil (São Paulo/Brasília), Vietnam, Azerbaijan, Jordan

  • Forthcoming in 2020: 25 countries including
  • USA, India, France, Italy, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, Japan, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Vietnam, and Indonesia and others

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