Korean Literature Review Contest


For the purpose of raising interest in and awareness of Korean literature, LTI Korea hosts a global review contest that invites readers around the world to submit their reviews of Korean literature.

2023 Korean Literature Review Contest



Readers all over the world who are passionate about or interested in Korean literature


Category, Language, Contest Period

Category, Language, Contest Period
3 CategoriesBook Report, Video, Drawing
5 LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, Arabic
Contest PeriodJuly to September, 2023


123 Prizes (Top three in each language & category, one Comprehensive Grand Prize in each category)

Prizes(Type,Prize,No. of Winner(s),Content)
TypePrizeNo. of Winner(s)Content
ComprehensiveGrand Prize3(1 in each category)Trip to Korea
Per category / language1st15 (1 in each category & language)Tablet PC
2nd30 (2 in each category & language)E-Book reader
3rd75 (5 in each category & language)Amazon Gift Card

※ Contest Period and prizes are subject to change at the discretion of LTI Korea.

접수 방법

How to Apply

Online application: https://klwave.or.kr/review

※ Detailed application guidelines and information of selected books are available on our website(klwave.or.kr/review).


Official Communication Channels

2022 Korean Literature Review Contest Results

  • Received 2,243 submissions across all three categories (812 book reports, 404 videos, 1,027 drawings)
  • Selected and awarded 48 winners in each category

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