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Two-way Translation and Publication Program


LTI Korea runs a Two-way publication program where foreign literary works are published in Korea in exchange for the publication of Korean literary works overseas. This mutually beneficial program not only promotes Korean literature overseas but alsointroducesoutstandingworksofforeignliteraturetoKorean-speakingreaders which have not yet been translated for commercial reasons. The aim is to enhance mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Korea and each participating country.


나라국내 출간해외 출간
Iran《미친 듯 푸른 하늘을 보았다》(2017)《خوابْ زیر شکوفههای هلو》(2017)
Georgia《양계 농부 가브리엘과 그의 정원》(2018)《გარუდა(Garuda)》(2019)
The Netherlands《인성-한 아들의 성장소설》(2019)《구운몽》(출간예정)


《달과 빨간 저고리를 입은 마술사》(2019)《Potongan Tubuh》(2019)


《그래도 봄은 온다》(2019)

《Шаўковы туман》(출간예정)

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